San Diego Trialthon Classic 2011

I completed the San Diego Triathlon Classic olympic distance triathlon today in 03:23:36. Considering that I didn’t go all out on this race, I feel pretty good about my times overall.  It wasn’t my fastest olympic distance tri, but it was faster than my very first one in 2004:

      SD Tri Classic 2011          LA Tri 2004
Swim:    00:36:06                   00:44:48    
T1:      00:03:46                   00:04:19
Bike:    01:30:50                   01:21:28 
T2:      00:03:29                   00:02:12 
Run:     01:09:25                   01:16:27
Total:   03:23:36                   03:29:14

This was my first attempt at this particular course and it was a fun race though the bike was hilly.  I wish I had a good elevation profile but my Garmin 310xt picked this particular event to wig out enough on the bike to list my max speed as 125mph!  The run was nice and flat except for the bridge.

I could have shaved a few minutes off my transitions times as well but I was taking things somewhat leisurely as I approached this race as a training day of Ironman training. My goal was to stay in HR zone 3 as much as possible, but it seemed that I was mainly in HR zone 4 as I neglected to consider the general intensity of race day. I did feel good on the swim and felt that I stayed in HR zone3. Towards the end of the run though, I was in HR zone 5.  I need to work more on my pacing!

Bike profile:

Run profile:


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